Moral Arquitectura

noticia 1

  • Escuela de Verano/ Summer School:
    Architectural Association + IE School of Architecture and Design
    "Bleaching green".
  • Fecha / Date:
    Julio 2010
  • TA / Teacher Assistant:
    Fernando Moral

The AA/IE Madrid Summer School, under the name of Bleaching Green, will explore the relation between architecture and energy use in dense cities in the near future. Having Madrid as research ground, case study and headquarters, students will investigate specific urban sustainable challenges. Moving away from greener clichés the Bleaching Green workshop will venture into uncharted territories blending design intuition and technological invention. By casting a critical eye on current sustainability and environmental strategies, the course objective is to investigate architecture as a blend of artificial and natural systems.
The nine-day workshop will divide into small unit design studios directed by AA teaching staff. Each design unit will approach the workshop agenda using a distinctive set of design research tools and techniques, to build up a broad introduction to creative design processes, critical forms of thinking and urban research.