Moral Arquitectura

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  • Conferencia / Lecture:
    Condiciones continuas: dos apuntes sobre la obra y la ciudad de Álvaro Siza
  • Fecha / Date:
    23 de noviembre de 2012
  • Lugar / Where: 
    V Jornadas Arte y Ciudad – II ENCUENTROS INTERNACIONALES. U. Complutense de Madrid
  • Conferenciante / Lecturer:
    Fernando Moral

Fernando Moral


Alvaro Siza is one of the architects most compromised with the society of our time. He uses its personal poetic art to develop this question. Its work explores territories especially dense where from he builds singular spaces that are capable of being inserted in the city at the same time that they transform it. From this perspective we can locate two crucial works: the Park of Santo Domingo de Bonaval, in Santiago de Compostela and the Church of Santa Maria in Marco de Canaveses.

The sentence of the heading we might develop it with the Park that supposed the refoundation of a monastery and that led it to the entire opening for the city. The complex was structured in different areas (oak grove, orchard, cemetery) but we must understand it like an operation that combines time and memory. There is nothing foreign, there is no strange at all one. The questions, specially local, are keys to understand the environment. Alvaro Siza works all these elements using new procedures. The project designs a new future for the city. The time has built and builds the territory.

The temple is a white block that marks the place. Alvaro Siza looked for the roots of the territory with which to work at the same time that he examines the function (this question is own of the architecture) to be developed for this building. The project solves the needs raised by the client at the same time that it tries to solve a problem of landscape. He constructs a solid topography that re-defines the city. However, there exist other questions capable of defining definitely this space. Beyond immediate questions…

Can we consider the continuity to be a tool capable of creating topics essentially new? What type of continuities? Both projects are interventions from a critical reading of the concept of continuity. We will be able to understand it when we see the "intuition" that takes Siza to reflect on the question of the found in the place. The Portuguese architect tries to solve the problem of the time and of the truly essential things for the men.