Moral Arquitectura

noticia 1

  • Escuela de Verano / Summer School: 
    “Atlas on density: the battle of cities for sustainability”
  • Fecha / Date:
    julio 2011
  • Tutores Ud. 3/ Unit 3 Tutors: 
    Fernando Moral + Jason Pomeroy
IE together with Illinois Institute of Technology College of Architecture is launching the 2011 IE/IIT Summer School. Under the name of ATLAS ON DENSITY, we will explore the cross implications of density and sustainability fromthe sprawl of American suburbs to the extreme density of Asian cities. 
With Madrid serving as headquarters, case study, and site for field research, students will investigate specific urban sustainable challenges. The workshop will foster a debate about the future of cities based on the positive or negative consequences of density, embedding sustainability deep into the design process. Is there a possible density that supports ecosystem regeneration and relation with nature? We will explore the way toward a new notion of density, one that oscillates between the quantitative and qualitative properties of architecture and the city.
Students will be divided into 3 small unit design studios, taught both in Spanish or English per student preference. Each unit will approach the workshop agenda using a distinctive background: from the sprawl of American suburbs to the extreme density of Asian cities. The output will take the form of animations, built prototypes and elegant drawings, models and renderings.  Significant architects from IIT, University of Malaysia and Spain will join as workshop tutors.
The course aims to target enthusiastic architectural students at any point of their studies. It will provide a stage for debating contemporary architectural and urban ideas, digital and analogue techniques, with an emphasis on inventive design and communication abilities. A number of expert lectures will be part of this architectural design research-based architecture workshop. According to IE educational profile, intensive courses on digital design tools and communication abilities will also support the production of individual and collective work.